Cali Girls Gone Aussie

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Just a typical wild Aussie bird…. 😍 love #Australia!
Little @mishka_thecalico being a good kitty and keeping my company whilst I’ve been sick 😻

@poledanceacademy Week 8 Elementary Performance! Finally did it! (at Pole Dance Academy)

I came. I saw. I conquered. With partner in crime @livefit_liftheavy (at Stix Desserts)
This weeks favourite place… Perks of having a job that makes me travel around NSW  (at Bald Hill Lookout, Stanwell Tops)
Beautiful aerial of Sydney reposted from @lonijane 😍
Pre yoga coffee run with @livefit_liftheavy @missdannym @erin199119 👌 (at Public Espresso)
I’m ready to drive back for more.  (at Culture Bean Cafe)
Wantttt again.  (at Culture Bean Cafe)
Uh oh, day off to pack and made a lunch stop here…. Can’t say it wasn’t worth it! Nom (at Culture Bean Cafe)
#vividsydney is definitely one of my favorite times of year…  (at Circular Quay)
Went to see vivid in Sydney and got distracted with this view… (at Circular Quay)
#regram of @mishka_thecalico